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Stein Pyrolysis have Stein Pyrolysis Units and also Vertical Stein Pyrolysis Units  (known as SPU’s and VSPU’s), manufactured by licensed equipment suppliers and markets a range of these superior waste-to-energy converters, that represent the most efficient, flexible, cost effective and environmentally friendly technology on the market today.

  • Efficient; because they achieve over 80% combined heat and power efficiencies, virtually zero waste, high calorific value gas yields fuel oils,  carbon and high grade heat.
  • Flexible; due to their scalability and wide-ranging fuel adaptability, which includes biomass, refuse derived fuels (RDF), animal litter (cow, pig chicken etc) sewage sludges and abattoir wastes, tyres and solid landfill waste (even landfill recovery). SPU’s and VSPU’s will process the complete range of biofuels.
  • Cost effective; because of their superior waste to energy conversion rates and their early return on investment.
  • Environmentally friendly; because they are based on pure pyrolysis technology which is a thermochemical process not a combustion process, SPU’s and VSPU’s cannot create harmful dioxins in the pyrolysis process.

With Stein Pyrolysis you can purchase a full turnkey solution to your energy requirements, or just install an SPU for your waste management or bio energy/waste-to-energy requirements. We will design and manufacture a plant or SPU to your particular specification and install it on your chosen site, as well as providing after sales training, service and support.

Our SPU’s and VSPU’s solve the two main environmental issues for most industries and organizations today; they provide a green solution to the disposal of waste streams and a sustainable, renewable solution to power generation.

For industries that are high energy users and waste generators, an SPU or VSPU can significantly reduce energy costs while virtually eliminating waste disposal costs; thereby turning a negative into a positive and delivering added value.

Stein Pyrolysis Units – the green solution to industry’s waste-to-energy requirements.

  • Stein Pyrolysis Units

    Stein Pyrolysis Units reforming (conversion) process is an advanced thermal treatment of waste, biofuels and other energy products using a patented technology that produces high energy yields. These systems have been developed over many years by Peter Stein. read more
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