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Website Disclaimer

Stein Pyrolysis has had dealings with certain parties in the past, including First London Power Limited, First Power Limited and Premier Green Energy Limited.  It has come to our notice that these companies or their promoters have or are attempting to assert they have licenses or ownership of the Stein Pyrolysis Technology.

No party has any ownership of the Stein Pyrolysis systems and patents other than Peter Stein.

Apart from Peter Stein the only companies  authorized at this point to discuss the technology and with whom contracts may be entered into is

For UK and Ireland SPU UK Ltd Email

SPU Energy Fields (Pty) Limited in South Africa .

Discussions are also ongoing with Smart Hotel Solutions in Australia

For Jordon, Lebanon and Egypt please contact Nadeem Akda  Email

No other parties have any access to the technology and Peter Stein disclaims responsibility for any undertakings or representations made by any other parties unless specifically authorized by Peter Stein.

Please contact us for any further information.

  • Stein Pyrolysis Units

    Stein Pyrolysis Units reforming (conversion) process is an advanced thermal treatment of waste, biofuels and other energy products using a patented technology that produces high energy yields. These systems have been developed over many years by Peter Stein. read more
  • Media

    For an insight into our Stein Pyrolysis Units, view our media presentation and see how it works read more
  • Benefits of the Stein Pyrolysis Units

    Built on several years of research and development, Stein Pyrolysis Units surpass all existing pyrolysis technology. read more
  • Environment

    Stein Pyrolysis Units address a variety of EU Directives and targets related to waste disposal, energy generation and the reduction of emissions. read more
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