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Built on several years of research and development by Peter Stein, Stein Pyrolysis Units are a patented breakthrough pure pyrolysis solution that deliver high energy yields from waste or biomass.

Stein Pyrolysis Units boast a variety of benefits:

1. Efficient


Stein Pyrolysis Units achieve over 80% combined heat and power efficiencies, virtually zero waste, high calorific value gas, oil and char yields and high grade heat.


2. Flexible


Stein Pyrolysis Units are scalable; they can accommodate inputs from quarter of a tonne per hour to 8 tonnes per hour. With multiple units we can deal with any required volume with a multiplicity of fuel inputs all at the same time.

3. Adaptable


Stein Pyrolysis Units have wide-ranging fuel flexibility, from biomass to solid landfill waste, organic waste, MSW, tyres, commercial and industrial waste and energy crops.

4. Cost effective


Stein Pyrolysis Units offer superior waste to energy conversion rates and can provide a much earlier return on capital investment costs. The Stein technology is very competitively priced on a cost per MW. Through rationalisation of design the Vertical Stein Pyrolysis Units offer a further breakthrough by simplification of design enhancing financial and operational performance.

5. Clean emissions


Stein Pyrolysis Units are an environmentally clean technology because they are based on pure pyrolysis, which does not involve combustion, in the production of the gas, oil and carbon char. This syngas, where most harmful contaminants partition to, can be easily cleaned to remove these contaminants i.e. Chlorine, Sulphur etc and consequently has no detectable dioxin emissions. These contaminants may be further recovered using existing technologies.

6. Sustainable Environmental Solution


Stein Pyrolysis Units provide a green solution to the disposal of waste streams and a sustainable, renewable solution to power generation. The units can also answer many of the liquid waste stream issues by absorbing organics and other contaminants into the bio carbon char, a product from the process. The carbon is then pyrolysed to recover the organic energy by reforming it to gas and oil whilst the carbon is recycled to clean more liquid effluent.

7. Turnkey Solution


With the Stein Pyrolysis Units you purchase a full turnkey energy solution and/or resolve your waste issues. Thereby turning your negative costs into positive financial gains..

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