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Product Utilisation

Stein Pyrolysis Units (SPU’s and VSPU’s) are an economical power generation technology that have a highly diverse fuel functionality, making them adaptable for a number of industry sectors and energy consumers:

1. Energy Users

Energy consumption industries can now achieve significant financial savings by installing an SPU or VSPU to produce high energy yields from waste and biomass material.  Reducing dependency on fossil fuels as well as the financial savings, switching from fossil fuel generated energy to waste derived energy can give companies significant sustainable environmental benefits, such as a reduction in CO2 emissions and enhance their corporate social responsibility to minimise impacts upon the environment.

2. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Operators

Waste operators who process MSW, commercial and industrial waste, tyres and plastics face more stringent regulations to reduce waste disposal to landfill. SPU’s provide a solution that can significantly reduce landfill associated costs and allow companies to generate value by adopting a commercially attractive waste to energy solution.

3. Industries with Agricultural and Biomass Wastes

Agriculture and biomass industries that produce waste such as wood, livestock litter, food processing waste, sewage, and organic residues from crops present an excellent source of renewable energy for pure pyrolysis treatment. Stein Pyrolysis Units process large amounts of waste to produce greener, cleaner energy and income from generation of electricity.

4. Companies Generating Clinical and Hazardous Wastes

The storage, management and treatment of clinical or hazardous waste can be difficult and very expensive for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to achieve. Stein Pyrolysis Units can safely use these waste materials to generate commercial energy for heat and electricity which can then be re-used in the manufacturing process.

5. Local Authorities

Local authorities are now considering alternative methods of reducing landfills to comply with existing and impending EU Directives. Many alternative methods of waste disposal are receiving increasing community opposition due to their harmful environmental emissions and negative impacts upon climate change.

6. Combined Heat & Power Plants

Existing plants operating on natural gas, fuel oil or coal can be converted to operate on the syngas or fuel oil from a Stein Pyrolysis Unit.

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