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Stein Pyrolysis Units

Stein Pyrolysis manufacture (through manufacturing licenses around the world) and markets (again through licensed distributors) a range of superior bio energy and waste-to-energy units referred to as SPU’s or VSPU’s. SPUs and the new Vertical SPUs are efficient, flexible, cost effective and environmentally friendly technology that produce high energy yields from waste and biomass materials. SPUs are available in several sizes, details of which we would be happy to discuss with you in more detail.

Stein Pyrolysis Units have been designed and manufactured to provide a commercially viable technology to produce continuous efficient power. Their unique construction is optimised to ensure maximum efficiencies and reform up to 80% of their inputted material into syngas, oil and the remainder into carbon char. Stein Pyrolysis Units surpass existing pyrolysis systems by avoiding marketing and or disposal of this char to landfill and instead use it to provide heat for the pure pyrolysis chamber, generating virtually zero waste. This increases efficiency as all the gas and oil may be used in generating power

Stein Pyrolysis Units accept a diverse range of waste materials and biofuels making them a flexible solution to manage the wide range of wastes that arise globally in society.


Stein Pyrolysis Units

  • Stein Pyrolysis Units

    Stein Pyrolysis Units reforming (conversion) process is an advanced thermal treatment of waste, biofuels and other energy products using a patented technology that produces high energy yields. These systems have been developed over many years by Peter Stein. read more
  • Media

    For an insight into our Stein Pyrolysis Units, view our media presentation and see how it works read more
  • Benefits of the Stein Pyrolysis Units

    Built on several years of research and development, Stein Pyrolysis Units surpass all existing pyrolysis technology. read more
  • Environment

    Stein Pyrolysis Units address a variety of EU Directives and targets related to waste disposal, energy generation and the reduction of emissions. read more
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