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Our Offering

Stein Pyrolysis Units can provide a turnkey solution for the complete design, manufacture and installation of SPU’s or VSPU’s with fuel preparation and power generation or we can supply the SPU’s only.

If you wish to purchase a SPU, we will assign a project management team and we recommend that you also consider assigning a dedicated project team to work in close collaboration with ours to successfully fulfil project requirements.

To clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of both teams, Stein Pyrolysis highlight the following role designations.

Client Responsibilities

  • Securing a site for the ATT plant
  • Overall project management
  • Securing the necessary planning and environmental permits.
  • Securing the necessary waste fuel feedstock in the form of bankable contracts
  • Pre-treatment of waste fuel feedstock to meet Stein Pyrolysis specifications
  • Securing the necessary funding for the overall project
  • Negotiating payment rates for supply of electricity and heat with the relevant authorities
  • Organising connections to the grid and district heating systems

SPU Responsibilities

  • Assign dedicated project team
  • Design and manufacture of the Stein Pyrolysis Unit
  • Supplying systems, fuel preparation and materials handling,  power generation etc
  • Installing, commissioning and handover of technology to the client (EPC contracting)
  • Supplying trained operators or training client operators
  • Providing maintenance and after sales support to clients
  • Stein Pyrolysis will be happy to assist with the client’s responsibilities and will be available to liaise, advise and discuss further if required
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